X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation System

X-Guide 3D Navigation System

It is important to place dental implants in exactly the correct position. This must be done to avoid important structures, such as nerves, sinus cavities, and the roots of other teeth. Correct placement also allows your dentist to restore the implant in the most esthetic and functional manner possible while possibly avoiding expensive bone grafting procedures.

At Oral & Facial Surgery Group of East Texas, we use the latest technology to assure correct implant placement. The Dynamic Navigation System from X-Nav, along with our I-Cat 3D imaging system, allows our doctors to place implants in real time, exactly as they were virtually planned on the computer prior to surgery. This is extremely important when aligning multiple implants and the accuracy is comparable to earlier guiding systems that required expensive stent fabrication in an off site dental lab. Ask our doctors about Dynamic Guidance in implant placement.

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X-Guide 3D Navigational equipment

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